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Coin Price 24h % Has Distributed “11.11” Trading Carnival Prizes

The “11.11” Trading Carnival trading prizes have been distributed. Please check the details: “11.11” Trading Carnival: Trading Fee 50% Off 3 winners from retweet campaign are awarded VIP-10 for two months: 1)******19 2)************* 3)***********

Tags: Read: 148978 Updated: 55days6hours ago Released IOS App (v2.2.0), Supporting Margin Trading

1. Margin Management 1) Added margin account detail to help users view current leverage details; 2) Added assets transfer function to enable users to transfer asset of margin account on APP; 3) Added assets transfer record function to help users view current transfer details; 4) Added list of bo...

Tags: Read: 84282 Updated: 56days12hours ago Will List PAX/CNXY, TUSD/CNYX and USDC/CNYX In CNYX Markets will list the PAX/CNXY, TUSD/CNYX and USDC/CNYX trading pairs in CNYX Markets. The trading will be enabled on UTC 12:00, Nov.20, 2018. Deposit of PAX, TUSD, and USDC are both enabled on now, users can deposit or withdraw PAX, TUSD and USDC anytime. The Stable Coin Conversion Symbo...

Tags: PAX,TUSD,USDC Read: 78717 Updated: 57days7hours ago

TIPS/CNYX Is Listed On

TIPS/CNYX is listed on The Stable Coin Conversion Symbol is a symbol to convert various US dollar stable coins (such as PAX, USDC, GUSD, TUSD, etc.) to the fiat currency of certain country.or users from different regions, we will launch various Stable Coin Conversion Symbol including CNY...

Tags: TIPS Read: 61030 Updated: 57days13hours ago

Bitcoin Cash SV(BCHSV) And Bitcoin Cash ABC(BCH) Withdraw Enabled On

Bitcoin Cash SV(BCHSV) and Bitcoin Cash ABC(BCH) withdraw have been enabled. Due to the instability of the blockchain network, the initial daily withdraw limitation is low. We will increase the limitation to the normal level soon. Trade BCHSV at and https:/...

Tags: BCHSV,BCH Read: 72804 Updated: 58days6hours ago Listed BCH, XRP And DOGE In CNYX Markets listed BCH/CNYX, XRP/CNYX and DOGE/CNYX trading pairs in CNYX markets. Trade BCH at: Trade XRP at: Trade DOGE at: The Stable Coin Conversion Symbol is a symbol to convert various...

Tags: BCH,XRP,DOGE Read: 57825 Updated: 58days10hours ago

Bitcoin Cash SV(BCHSV) And Bitcoin Cash ABC(BCH) Deposit Will Be Enabled On

Bitcoin Cash SV(BCHSV) and Bitcoin Cash ABC(BCH) deposit will be enabled on Nov 17, 2018 4:00AM GMT. Please take attention to the price change due to the supply change after deposit enabled. Trade BCHSV at and Get 30%...

Tags: BCHSV,BCH Read: 118600 Updated: 61days8hours ago

Bitcoin Cash SV(BCHSV) Is Listed On took all users' BCH balance snapshot on Nov. 15 16:00 GMT. We have distributed BCHSV (Bitcoin Cash SV) to all bitcoin cash holders based on the snapshot. We will use BCH ticker name for Bitcoin Cash ABC. BCHSV is listed on The trading will be enabled on Nov. 16, 2018 7:00AM GMT...

Tags: BCHSV Read: 79127 Updated: 61days12hours ago


BTC/CNYX, ETH/CNYX and EOS/CNYX markets are listed on CNYX is a stable symbol for CNY backed up by US stable cryptocurrencies including USDT, PAX, USDC etc. Referring to your friends to earn 30% commissions in the affiliate program at

Tags: BTC,ETH,EOS Read: 59467 Updated: 61days13hours ago Launches Stable Coin Conversion Symbol

The USDT Crisis Nowadays, stable coins occupy an increasingly important position in the blockchain industry, especially in the trading of blockchain assets. Recently, a report questioning the transparency of USDT (which is the most widely used stable coin at the moment) has caused a trust cr...

Tags: Read: 98486 Updated: 62days11hours ago Will Supports The Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Hardfork On Nov.15 will support the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hardfork on Nov. 15 and will take all users' balance snapshot on Nov. 15, 16:00 GMT. If the hardfork generates another coin, we will distribute it to the users based on the balance snapshot on Nov. 15, 16:00 GMT. The balances in margin trading and lending...

Tags: BCH Read: 82978 Updated: 63days10hours ago “11.11” Trading Carnival: Trading Fee 50% Off

Let’s celebrate the 11.11 Trading Carnival on ! Activity Details: 1. During the event, all trading (including margin trading) enjoy a 50% discount on trading fees. 1) Time: 2018/11/10, 16:00 (UTC) - 2018/11/11, 16:00 (UTC) 2) All users on will enjoy 50% discount on the tra...

Tags: Read: 141324 Updated: 68days7hours ago

The New Version of Web Has Been Launched

After months of hard work by designers and the technical development team, the new version of the web has been successfully launched. In the new version of the web, we provide traders with a more refreshing visual experience, more considerate trading experience, high-performance trad...

Tags: Read: 107750 Updated: 69days16hours ago will stop using statcounter for traffic stats

Statcounter is one of the top stats tools providers in the world. was using Statcounter's paid services for a few months. On Nov. 6, 2018, we got the notice from ESET researcher's report and the "ESET Internet Security" product that there's a suspicious behavior in Statcounter's traffic stat...

Tags: Read: 77182 Updated: 70days16hours ago Released Android App (v2.3.3 Beta) - The Best Cryptocurrency Trading APP has released the mobile APP for Android (v2.3.3 Beta), which is one of the best digital currency assets exchange APP. New features include margin trading (up to 3x leverage), lending (annual return up to 7% - 70%), global markets charts, tokens information, large order monitoring, large tran...

Tags: Read: 58350 Updated: 70days22hours ago

Register, Share 270,000 ATP Airdrop!

Register, Share 270,000 ATP Airdrop! 1. Time 2018/11/06 04:00 (UTC) - 2018/11/13, 15:59 (UTC) 2. Rules 1) Sign up for account, and complete KYC 1. 2) Follow twitter: 3) Join one of telegram groups: English:

Tags: ATP Read: 96908 Updated: 71days15hours ago

Regarding the LRN 2nd and 3rd airdrops

Today we confirmed from the Loopring official team that they had changed the LRN airdrop rules and stopped the exchange from obtaining the LRN airdrop for the users. We won't be able to distribute the 2nd and 3rd airdrops for our users. From now on, we stop providing the LRN deposit service. Get...

Tags: LRN,LRC Read: 100087 Updated: 73days11hours ago